Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ohhh Bali Bali

After the fianly great impression of Mount Cook, while sea kayaking on a glacier lake, a needed rest in Christ Church that included bungy tampolining ( one should not do this after age 10 as it induses nausia , blood circulation issues and internal posterier cramps for hours :O* ) and hellish traveling day that included 3 countries and no sleep for 24 hours, we are now in hot relaxed spicy Bali. After escaping fat drunk half naked anglo- saxon hell of Kuta, we are now in the island's cultural capital of Ubud. Here one finds the height if Balineese temple dacing accopanied by and orachstra of zylophone players chiming along with metal hammers...ots actually really impressive music. Ubud seems quite hectic and very tourist oriented but a mere 100 meters aways from the main streets one finds kilometers of rice palm grass patties. The Balinese live i large family compounds with up to 4 generations sharing what looks like a small temple with several buildings. And to supliment their income some families turn some of their space into rooms for tourists :) So A great way to get to know the people a bit better is to stay at such a homestay. We are staying with a lovely family with an even better puppy :) Friendliness and puppies make life good in Ubud.

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