Friday, February 19, 2010

Georgia you have been out did mmmhmmm

As it stands, I continue to have difficulties making peace with Georgia: with mud wrastlen', chitlins, hunten and thumping the "good book", however Saturday night Georgia, you were outdone, or out did...... In the ski resort/ hiking village of Wanaka. After many a day on the rough it is surprising that 15 $ can by you a shower and a sandfly free place to camp = happiness. After obtaining happiness we decided to see what the swanky town had to offer. Walking along the main street toward dinner we heard loud music and cheering coming from a big local pub, and what did we find....Complete with a grandstand, grannies and young boys in the front row an " Opening a beer bottle with a chain saw contest". Yes you read correctly, here in NZ they have no worries about mixing large amounts of alcohol and heavy motorized blades. It was actually an organized ,sponsored event. Anyone in any condition could line up , only needing to put on closed shoes and an apron and off they went...sawing off the cap and chugging a liter of the local brew. And yes some who broke the neck still chugged! A little boy was so excited to see his daddy and all the little ones ran around collecting the caps....It was a sight...unfortunately we didnt have the camera :%. I ran after 5 minutes... I couldnt stand to see the carnage that seemed so inevitable...but we never heard any ambulance...The police were actually there when we arrived and just left..... Oh a sad night for Georgia.


  1. This is absolutely awesome. As a Georgia transplant, the thought of this gets my pulse racing.

  2. The trick is to not turn it on and just use it as a lever ;)