Thursday, February 4, 2010

We have come so far to holiday in the Alps?

New Zealand....A land of very nice kiwis, fat happy cows IN FIELDS, fluffy sheep ...and evil sand flies. So Jeremie and I landed in the quiet, quiet town of Christchurch Wednesday night and made our way on the local bus from the airport ( with a prepaid ticket scanning system!!) at 11 pm to the city centre. Our friends in Atlanta and especially Sydney will be astounded by that last sentence as neither GREAT SUPERPOWER CITIES have anything close to that in public transport.....Anyway stayed at the Stonehurst hostel, which sadly Sydney friends is 10X cleaner and quieter then the Billabong (sadness). It was then up early to get our rolling mix of the Little Miss Sunshine Bus and my room in Dudweiler...on wheels. No, its actually quite great though it drives like a 3 horse trailer :$. From Christchurch we are making or way through the Alps to the west cost and are now on the one street village of Reefston (?) The kiwis are exceptionally friendly and country country. And yes we are in the Alps, ( though a bit smaller) just like back im Laendle: Very high hills with little vegetation, crystal clear mountain rivers which are very painful to swim in, and crazy frenchies ;)I saw my first snow in almost 4 years....while burning in the unfiltered sun. We are looking out for Hobbits and Lord of the Ring followers who have trouble with reality...Ill post some pictures soon and try to get Jeremie to participate in this venture ;) Hope you are well!

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