Thursday, February 18, 2010


So one choice one makes on holiday in a campervan for two is between seeing everything or relative sanity with a marked lack of violence. Yeah....we went for the sanity, and in the end I think our trip was better for it. After our Chitty Chitty Bang Bang arrival in the northern village of KAramea we spent two great quiet days parked at the village oval and exploring the caves and rivers of the Oparara National Park. A beautiful and breathtaking place in this pristine country. With tears and soul wrenching we also had to help a rabbit find peace after a careless driver didnt... Im not so sure if Im cut out for country life after all...

With a FULL tank of gas we continued on down the west cost seeing pancake rocks and blow holes that didnt blow at high or low tide in the rain....and stopped off to see the astounding Franz Josef and Fox glaciers. Ive never seen a glacier before and certainly not in 25 degree weather. No, I didnt pay 300 dollar to climb on one..Though I must admit there was only one company doing it so it was quite sustainable..Perhaps if I was big into mountain climbing I would. It just seemed that letting people climb on them would not assist in hindering the melting process...Hmmm

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